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Why We're Different

Unified Specialties 

Unlike many other mental health providers on Long Island, we are a group of different specialists under one roof with true direct connection and collaboration. The team is led by Randall Solomon MD, a practicing clinical psychiatrist with 35 years of experience in the mental health field. As a unified specialties group, we have increased access and time to collaborate easily and directly with one another. This can be difficult to find in a model with looser associations in which practitioners share expenses but have their own independent practices.

Cost and Value

We understand that in our position as "out-of-network" providers we are unable to provide visits for a "5-10 dollar copay". We know how appealing this first appears to people. Despite this, we ask that you please consider the following factors and how we have attempted to address this before you decide to pursue the "in network" route:

  • The "$5-10 copay" will often get you the "5-10" minute medication management session or a therapist with a long wait list and a treatment plan for you dictated by the contracts they have with the insurance companies. Virtually all providers who participate with these panels encounter challenges in providing quality care. These challenges can have an impact on the care they provide.

  • For specialty services such as Spravato and TMS, we have an online financial hardship application which can reduce fees substantially.

  • We have built a sophisticated technology platform to ensure maximum reimbursement to you as an out of network provider, including doing all the filing for you!

  • We relentlessly focus on providing the highest quality care in the most cost-effective manner. This includes flexibility with frequency of appointments, treatment duration, which specialist you see and various therapy options.

  • We work with Medicare as a "non-par" provider, guaranteeing significant reimbursement for all enrolled Medicare patients. 

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners 

The Island Psychiatry team of clinicians includes four excellent nurse practitioners who can prescribe a broad range of medications. They are an essential and integral part of our team which is led and closely supervised by a physician psychiatrist, Dr Solomon. He attended four years of medical school, followed by one year of internal medicine, neurology and psychiatry internship followed by three years of residency training in psychiatry. Over the last 10-15 years many psychiatric NP's have opened their own independent private practices without the benefit of an on site MD physician to provide supervision and guidance.   We believe our supervision model enhances treatment and collaboration in a way that can not be offered by independent private nurse practitioners.

Support Staff

We believe the strength of our administrative team is a major factor in distinguishing our practice from others in the area.  From the initial first phone call through the entire treatment process our admin team makes scheduling, billing, prescription issues, messaging clinicians, etc a pleasant and engaging experience. Many of our patients say that our support staff is as much a factor in their improved health as their clinician!

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