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Personality Measures


Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - Adolescent - Restructured Form (MMPI-A-RF)

The MMPI-A-RF is the most up-to-date, empirically based personality assessment for use with adolescents. The test mirrors the structure of the MMPI-2-RF, the most recent version for use with adults, and includes several adolescent-specific sales. The MMPI-A-RF is composed of 241 items, is linked to current models of psychopathology and personality, and features 48 empirically validated scales relevant for use with adolescents in a variety of clinical, forensic, and school settings.

MMPI-A-RF results can be used to support:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning in a variety of settings.

  • Early identification of potential problems and possible root causes.

  • Information sharing with parents, teachers, and others in the adolescent's support network.

  • Decision making for appropriate referrals.


Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - 2 -Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) 

The MMPI-2-RF aids clinicians in the assessment of mental disorders, identification of specific problem areas, and treatment planning in a variety of settings. The test can be used to help:

  • Assess major symptoms of mental health disorders, personality characteristics, and behavioral tendencies.

  • Evaluate participants in substance abuse programs and select appropriate treatment approaches.

  • Assess medical patients and design effective treatment strategies, including chronic pain management.

  • Support college and career counseling recommendations.

  • Provide valuable insight for marriage and family counseling.

  • Support classification, treatment, and management decisions in criminal justice and correctional settings.

  • Gives strong, detailed and research based testimony in court cases.

  • Identify high-risk candidates in public safety screening and selection settings.

  • Optional interpretative reports include:

    • Spine Surgery Candidate Interpretive Report | Spinal Cord Stimulator Candidate Interpretive Report

    • Bariatric surgery interpretive report

    • Police candidate interpretative report

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