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Testing: What is it and how can it help?

Has your child been struggling in school and you cannot seem to get to the bottom of it? Are you trying to understand why your child will not sit still in the classroom? Are developmental milestones not being met? Are you seeing sudden mood changes? All are signs that something may be going on. You have met with teachers, pediatricians and specialists, but nothing is helping. Psycho-educational testing can help professionals and parents get to the root of the problem. Our office offers neurological, cognitive, behavioral, personality and achievement testing to help you make sense of why your child is behaving, feeling or learning the way they are. Island Psychiatry uses evidence based assessments to gain a better understanding of an individual's academic, neuropsychological, behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses. 


Psychological evaluations may be recommended for the following purposes: school concerns including learning difficulties and gifted and talented programs, forensic (legal) purposes, autism testing, disability requirements, evaluation of attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, IQ (ability) testing and neuropsychological testing. Additionally, measures of personality, behavior and psychopathology are used to clarify psychiatric diagnoses and determine an appropriate treatment plan.

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