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Academic Achievement Measures

Academic achievement testing is another option that can help parents determine why their child is having trouble in the classroom. These tests consist of more commonly known areas of learning such as reading, writing and math.


Wide Range Achievement Test 4 (WRAT4)

Age Range: 5.0 years to 94 years

The WRAT4 is an academic skills assessment (achievement test) which measures reading skills, math skills, spelling, and comprehension. This test is short, consisting of only 4 subtests. The scores help determine if a student is eligible for special education, what areas they are good at and others that they may need additional help in. The age range is also high which allows for assessment of older adults at risk of memory disorders. 


Wechsler Individual
Achievement Test - Third Edition (WIAT-III)

Age Range: 4.0 years to 50.11 years

The WIAT-III is an academic achievement test that measures reading, writing and math skills. This test consists of 10 core subtests which can be used to help determine if a student needs additional services in school, a smaller class size, or a change in instruction. This assessment can also be used to determine if a child has a learning disability or struggles in specific areas. These scores can then be compared to ability measures to find the best form of intervention for your child. 


Kaufman Test for  Educational Achievement - Third Edition (KTEA-3)

Age Range: 4.0 years to 25.11 years

The KTEA-3 is a detailed academic skills assessment that measures an individual's academic skills he/she has learned through school instruction ( reading, writing and math) and/or life experience (problem solving skills, understanding of what things are and how they work). It is used to determine how well a child does in one area and which areas they may need more help in. 

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