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So why the bad reviews?

Updated: Jul 26

We welcome and appreciate feedback, including online reviews, from our patients. Even, and maybe especially, negative ones! Like everyone else, we are far from perfect. Feedback and suggestions for improvement from people who choose us to receive health care helps keep Island Psychiatry patient focused and guides us towards opportunities to improve. You may have noticed that we have received some starkly negative reviews. Many of these highly critical comments are from people who are not patients at Island Psychiatry.

For many years, and as a small part of his overall practice, Dr. Solomon has conducted employer mandated psychiatric evaluations (including so called 913 examinations of school employees) when behavior has raised significant concerns in the workplace. These individuals are fully aware that they are not receiving our services as patients. Some of these employees are found to be mentally unfit to continue working. They are understandably distressed and angry. Unfortunately, they choose to vent their anger at Dr. Solomon and Island psychiatry. We have included some examples of our negative reviews below. It is immediately obvious that they were written by employees who have been mandated to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Realizing that the health care review sites stipulate that the reviewer must verify themselves as an actual patient of the doctor, these individuals have now written highly critical reviews, fraudulently posing as a genuine patient. For instance, they make claims that we are just about money. This couldn't be further from the truth. We are one of the only private mental health practices that offers a substantial reduction in fees for financial hardship. Recently, the misuse of online reviews by angry people who have been mandated to undergo a psychiatric assessment has significantly increased. Our attempts to address this abuse of the review process directly with these websites has not been successful.

To all of our genuine patients, we enthusiastically encourage your feedback and guarantee that we will listen and respond. To demonstrate our commitment to this, we want to offer any genuine patient who has left a critical review a personal meeting or phone call with Island Psychiatry's leadership (Nadine Wilches or Dr. Solomon) to address your concerns. It is the core foundation of every member of our team that you give us the ultimate honor and privilege when you decide to entrust your healthcare to us. If you ever feel that our actions are not consistent with this core foundation please let us know and your concerns will be immediately addressed.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Island Psychiatry Team

Here are some of the fraudulent reviews that might not be immediately obvious and some of them indicate themselves that they are not patients themselves:

Dealer Solomon gave my wife ssri drugs that made her stop caring about her family. Before you go to see him, look up marriages destroyed by ssri's/snri's. Beware, that will be the first medication they throw at you.

My fiance has been going here since early May, and has had nothing but issues with this place. They make him pay upfront and promised reimbursement through his insurance, but they NEVER submit the claim. When you call they do nothing to fix the problems, and the staff is VERY rude and snarky. They told him if its taking to long, then he can submit the claims himself, they don't even want to do their job. Unreal, DO NOT go here. Five months still waiting.

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